With over 10 globally recognised cinematography awards and an Emmy nomination for Natural History & Wildlife, it’s no wonder Lee’s second habitat is in the wild. No location is too remote. No species’ behaviour is too difficult to capture. From tiny bugs to enormous mammals, occupying every imaginable land and seascape, Lee has spent a significant amount of time closely documenting a great number of them on most, if not all, current broadcast quality cameras including; Phantom, Arri and RED. From early 2020, Lee’s technical focus has been operating vehicle-rigged GSS/SHOTOVER gimbals and is very experienced with Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera.

Another asset clients often find most attractive about Lee on their wildlife projects is the optional (under NDA) added value of Ash assisting remotely with the often complicated logistics invariably required on wildlife shoots. Sourcing the perfect equipment, correct paperwork, locations, crew, accommodation, travel and everything in between is no sweat at all. Film Fixing is Flash Jackson’s forté.

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