Behind The Scenes is a fast growing genre all on its own. Viewers are becoming more and more fascinated with how any and all forms of quality content is created. People want to feel a real emotional connection with the cast behind the characters. Film schools are popping up everywhere, and today anyone can figure out the basics of filmmaking off free channels, like YouTube. Lee generally spends 50% of his year either in the bush on wildlife gigs or on international feature film sets getting to know the cast & crew, whilst capturing all the magic behind the scenes. Such as, ‘Mowgli – The Jungle Book’ for Warner Bros & ‘BEAST’ with Idris Elba for Universal Pictures.
Ash is developing a fresh new 13 part series that is focussed on BTS and empowering crew to be more recognised for what they really get up to when spending long days and nights on set. If you are interested in finding out more about #Shoot.ZA please do get in touch, ash@flashjackson.tv
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