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Flash Jackson Films is owned and run by Director, DP Lee Jackson. Born in the UK, now based in Umdloti, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Lee’s partner Ash is a meticulous Producer | Director | PM. Lee & Ash launched this full spectrum production house back in 2005 after Lee graduated from AFDA with his BA Honors Degree in Motion Picture Media.

Before AFDA, Lee traveled the globe creating captivating content wherever and however he could. Such as, a documentary shadowing a blind dolphin living in the Ganges River and DP’ing some of the 1st reality travel and fishing shows, still on circuit today.

Ash’s background is marketing, media planning, content management and producing various formats of content for multiple channels, media houses, agencies and finances directly, thus giving Ash a great ‘all rounded’ understanding of how quality content is created and where it should be placed for maximum viewership and effect.

Lee & Ash often freelance independently, on long or short-form productions, in their own departmental roles. However, when you mix together Lee, Ash, their vast network of professional freelance support AND a full basket of broadcast quality equipment you get a very versatile, powerful and cost effective content creation solution.

By now you should have a better understanding of how Flash Jackson Films came ‘about’, and hopefully you have had a chance to explore all 12 content genre categories in which Lee & Ash are 100% fluent & experienced in… would it now be acceptable for Lee & Ash to stop writing this ‘about us’ website copy as though they are in ‘the 3rd person’?… Because the reality is, compelling content creation generally involves a full competent crew and cast, not just ‘Lee & Ash’…

And so, it is time for us to express our burning desire as FilmMakers to expose, uplift and empower the film industry of KwaZulu Natal, and Africa at large.

For well over a decade we have nurtured strong relationships with crew, cast, location agents and gear houses, across the globe. All of whom have become close friends today. Without these dear friends, Flash Jackson Films would not be what it is today!

And so, with this in mind, we would like to honor and celebrate all our ‘film friends’ in what we refer to as ‘Phase 2’ of Flash Jackson Films.

Here, Ash will be giving more focus in positioning Flash Jackson Films as a strong FIXING and support solution for existing and prospective international markets.

Together we are stronger!

To kick off the Flash Jackson FIXING revolution, we would like for all those who have collaborated with Flash Jackson Films in any shape or form since 2005, to PLEASE do us a BIG favour…

If you are reading this and recall a moment with Lee and/or Ash in the studio, on set, in the bush, at a wrap party, over a call or even just via email… PLEASE won’t you pop Ash a short email ( ash@flashjackson.tv ) or voice note ( +27824626622 ) highlighting your ‘Flash Moment”…even if it is just to remind us that we forgot to credit you somewhere on our updated website! TIA!

In doing so you will be added to our VIP Guest List and be the 1st to know when new fresh content drops, and if exciting opportunities specific to your core competence become available.

And, if you have not yet shared a moment with any of the Flash Team, the time is now! Quickly pop Ash an email with a short introduction and some valued honest feedback on our revamped website, we cannot wait to hear from you!!

We so appreciate you taking the time to read all this and we do hope to hear from you all real soon.

We have some very exciting plans in the pipeline for both content seekers and creators. Please do consider subscribing to the Flash Jackson Films YouTube channel so that you never ever miss an upload again.

Stay Safe & Stay Tuned!